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Harrow County Enamel Pins

$40.00 / On Sale

Welcome to the County.

This five-pack of limited edition soft enamel pins are straight out of "Harrow County," published by Dark Horse Entertainment. These officially licensed Skelton Crew Studio pins range from approx. 1.2-inches tall (Haint, Witchy Friends, Welcome Sign) to 1.5-inches tall (Tattered Skin, Priscilla).

Each of the Limited Edition Witchy Friends, Welcome to Harrow County, Tattered Skin, Priscilla and Haint are on a custom backboard featuring the Harrow County logo. Each also has two pinbacks with rubber stoppers so you can keep your awesome on straight.

I only have a few complete sets left, and for a limited time, I'm offering them with FREE SHIPPING (in the US)! All five pins for $40!